TFS Buddy

Inspired by Brian the bunny I wanted to make my own notification application for my I-buddy
TFS Buddy is an application that listens for events from your Team Foundation Server and then makes your I-Buddy do things like light up, flap wings, turn and more.
Video of the TFS Buddy in action

What you need
Team Foundation Server 2010
.net 4
an I-Buddy (Find your local store here: )

How to setup

1. Start the application with run as administrator (Since it hosts a wcf service)
2. Enter the url for your Team Foundation Server eg. http://tsfserver:8080/tfs
3. Enter User Id (a user that have access to the server (normally your username in the domain/computer)
4. Click "Connect to TFS"
5. Select an event you wish to subscribe to and click add (these are the events we wish the TFS should notify us about).

1. Click the "new" button and enter a name
2. Select the event you want to trigger the action (you have to have a subscription for the specific event in the subcription tab)
3. Optionally Specify a filter, this makes it possible to make the I-buddy do different things when different developers check-in or if a build fails etc.
The filter is in Dynamic linq format.

Some examples:

Checked in
Event type: CheckinEvent

Build failed
Event type: BuildCompletionEvent
Filter: CompletionStatus.Contains("Failed")

Build succeded
Event type: BuildCompletionEvent
Filter: CompletionStatus.Contains("Succ")

4. Select the desired effect and click add
Add more to create a sequence.

Click Save and your I-buddy will inform you of any changes in the Team Foundation Server.


Removing the delay
Team Foundation Server has a delay between an event is triggered until it sends out the notifications, the default is 2 minutes.
I didn't want any delay and found these resources:
Power shell: Chris Sidi’s Blog
SQL script: Crispin Parker’s Blog


If you have any ideas or feedback please contact me.
Mail: jimmy(at)
Twitter: @apeoholic

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